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About El Viejo Yayo 2

El Viejo Yayo 2 - The Best Spanish Restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn


            There are quite a number of Park Slope restaurants that offer enchanting meals that appeal to everyone, but only one offers authentic Spanish cuisine - El Viejo Yayo 2.


Park Slope, Brooklyn, is an attractive neighborhood with some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn along with some of the classiest dining establishments. In Park Slope, both visitors as well as residents can frequent the numerous grassy locations within the neighborhood. Hidden among all this wilderness of activity and concrete jungle, lies an untouched and recherché Spanish restaurant serving some of the best Latin American Cuisine in the Brooklyn area - El Viejo Yayo 2. 


            El Viejo Yayo 2 is a fantastic place to go for a fun friend’s get-together, casual meal, romantic adventure etc. At the restaurant, you have the option of dining inside at a cozy table, with Latin inspired accents, or outside while enjoying the busy Brooklyn street-life. The Latin menu is a delightful continuance of the restaurant’s atmosphere, offering you the perfect balance of flavors. To top it up, the food is even more pleasing than the atmosphere, and artfully plated to arouse all your senses to give you an unforgettable dining experience. El Viejo Yayo 2 is no ordinary Spanish restaurant.


            The restaurant offers only the best in taste, attitude, quality, and style. All the dishes served are impeccably sized, and garnished to ensure visitors get the most out of their meals. El Viejo Yayo 2 is well known for its Lobster Paella, Baked Chicken, Chicken Soup (Sopa de pollo), and an assortment of Mofongos. The staff is well trained, attentive, friendly, attentive, and are set on providing the customers with the best service. The menu is never dull, and it gives you the option of sampling new meals and still enjoy all your old favorites. All meals are prepared with the customer in mind. As a case in point, breakfast is served until 11 am, and all meals are well priced to ensure anyone can afford to enjoy the unforgettable experience that El Viejo Yayo 2 offers. Furthermore, every Friday you can get a chance to enjoy your meal while listening to live exotic music.


No other Brooklyn restaurant offers an experience, taste, and price that can beat that of El Viejo Yayo 2. El Viejo Yayo 2 is perfect for date nights, drinks in small groups, small gatherings, and even private parties.

Our fresh ingredients and home-cooked meals will leave your stomach full and happy. Enjoy our Latin jazz background music while our delightful staff serve you the best in Latin American cuisine. 

Our wide array of great selections are made from only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Try our popular bacalao and sopa de pollo (chicken soup). Enjoy breakfast until 11 am or join us for lunch or dinner. 

We offer a full bar with delightful drink pairing to accompany your meal. Join us every Friday for live music. 

Enjoy a pleasant and unique dining experience when you visit us at El Viejo Yayo.

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